The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that
the end justifies the means.
-- Georges Bernanos (1888-1948), French novelist,
political writer. "Why Freedom?" The last essays of
George Bernanos (1955)

David Brinkley: The daily astrological charts are precisely where, in my
judgment, they belong, and that is on the comic page.
George Will: I don't think astrology belongs even on the comic pages.
The comics are making no truth claim.
Brinkley: Where would you put it?
Will: I wouldn't put it in the newspaper. I think it's transparent rubbish.
It's a reflection of an idea that we expelled from Western thought in the
sixteenth century, that we are in the center of a caring universe. We are
not the center of the universe, and it doesn't care. The star's alignment
at the time of our birth -- that is absolute rubbish. It is not funny to
have it intruded among people who have nuclear weapons.
Sam Donaldson: This isn't something new. Governor Ronald Reagan was sworn
in just after midnight in his first term in Sacramento because the stars
said it was a propitious time.
Will: They [horoscopes] are utter crashing banalities. They could apply to
anyone and anything.
Brinkley: When is the exact moment [of birth]? I don't think the nurse is
standing there with a stopwatch and a notepad.
Donaldson: If we're making decisions based on the stars -- that's a cockamamie
thing. People want to know.
-- "This Week" with David Brinkley, ABC Television, Sunday, May 8, 1988,
excerpts from a discussion on Astrology and Reagan